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Here you'll find my featured projects. My open source work is located on GitHub. If you'd like to support my open source work, feel free to visit my GitHub Sponsors page.

Resto is a bilingual restaurant website, providing content in both English and French. Empowering users with seamless navigation, quick access to contact info, and captivating culinary insights. Thoughtfully designed with Astro for a smooth and engaging user experience.
Chess Heat fetches monthly chess games from Chess.com and creates a heatmap of a player's game activity over the year. It's a fun and easy way to track consistency over time! Created with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
Hack Computer is a computer system built from the ground up as described in the book, "The Elements of Computing Systems." Made with hardware description language, assembly, Python, and Java.
Data Structures and Algorithms is a repository of programming problem solutions. It spans various categories such as: arrays & hashing, two pointers, stacks, sliding window, linked list, binary search, trees, tries, heap/priority queues, backtracking, and more. All test cases are verified via GitHub Actions.
The Language Bot is a Twitter bot to help individuals learn foreign languages. It naturally built a community by retweeting #langtwt and #100DaysOfLanguage hashtagged tweets. Archived since the monetization of the Twitter API. Built with Python, CRON, and Docker.
TypeHero - connect, collaborate, and grow with a community of TypeScript developers. Elevate your skills through interactive coding challenges, discussions, and knowledge sharing. (contributor)
ODict - a blazingly-fast portable lexical dictionary format. It is an open-source, modern alternative to dictionary file formats like StarDict, Babylon and Apple Dictionaries. (contributor)
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